Pictures taken during the Sauvabelin Tower construction :

Base with the first level of stairsThe main lateral spiraling beamBase of the stairs at building timeStairs base from the forestFirst level platformThe Archimedes screw becomes a spiral
Finally the last platformThe last platform in perspectiveTop platform and habitation towersTop platform its lake sceneryTop platform and two cranesExternal metal connectors
First top beamsGeneral view of the V TowerFar above the ground, two cranesA cabin to work outside the TowerThe beams form a crownVersatility of the red crane
A symphony of major beamsA fully useful Tower baseHorizontal beams of the observation platformBuilding the large roof on the groundAdding the planks to the roofThe roof start to ascend
The roof moving up the TowerFlying roof and its top technical devicesThe roof a few minutes before fixationAcrobatic preparationA nice perspective from the tip of the craneworking on the copper pipe
The roof and the crane in the skyTechnical zoom on the roofThe shinny copper roofA new roof above cityThe new Tower before a slightly milky sky.Inauguration day

Pictures taken during the Tour de Sauvabelin construction by Cedotec / Le Mont-sur-Lausanne.

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