] General pictures of the Sauvabelin Tower :
Tour de Sauvabelin downstairsTour de Sauvabelin  polygoneTour de Sauvabelin  look up from forest
  1. * Vertiginous stairs going down, the handrails are very helpful.
  2. * The terrace from the top platform.
  3. * The Tower from the forest border.

Tour de Sauvabelin look up the stairsTour de Sauvabelin look up spriral stairsTour de Sauvabelin in winter
  1. * Focus on the Archimedes screw stairs from below.
  2. * The Archimedes screw stairs from below.
  3. * The Tower in winter with a cristal clear blue sky

* Photographer Fabrice Wagner
** Photographer RĂ©mi Bovard

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